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At last we are headed to the races again! Racing has added a whole extra list of "To Dos" to our family activity schedule. Just as you think you are getting on top of it and organized something else comes along to throw a wrench in the program! I call it flexibility training! Last week it was a call from TRG team owner, Kevin Buckler telling Derek that we are switching manufacturers. There was a mixture of panic and jubilation in Derek's eyes. He explained, "I know every square inch of that Aston. I know what it's going to do before it does it." Just as he was hanging onto the knowledge and relationship he has built with that car, I could feel myself hanging onto the Aston livery that he put his heart into and the sentimental relationship I have built with the brand. It was the 09 Aston that in partnership with Derek carried him to several victories. Last year at this same time Derek was celebrating a double victory at Circuit of the Americas in that car. He was on a roll.

Sean Gibbons, Me, and Derek after winning last year at COTA.

However, at the test for this year in the Aston, his fears were becoming a reality as they struggled with some car issues cutting short their testing and tuning time. Going into the test Derek was concerned that most of the teams had updated their cars to the new models and the new Aston doesn't come out until next season. As Derek ruminated, he feared that he would not be able to achieve the same results he was the season prior.

Sometimes God's plan is unexpected and not what we had in mind. After processing the change and letting go of the sentimental and superficial, Derek and I both were very excited for several reasons. It's something new which creates great story opportunity with all the challenges that come with learning new things. It also is the brand that Kevin has a history with and has won some major races in, including Lemans and Daytona. It can only enhance Derek's character as a driver to have experience in different race cars.

The new Porsche

And so, here we go! Off on yet another FASTLIFE adventure. We invite you to share the beginnings of our story with friends and family by sharing the link to our website and show on Amazon Prime Video. We are continuing the story into Season 2 and beyond. Our show covers all the behind the scenes and the intricacies of life as the family of a race car driver-the challenges, the fast pace, the travel, what it's like to learn a new race car, and all of the emotions that come with it.

We also invite you to come see us in person at any one of these races:

2018 Race Schedule

We will continue to announce FASTLIFE events and race results as well as keep you updated on Derek's progress as a driver. Thank you for following along!


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