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Fighting the Mental Side | Putting the Crash Behind Me!!!

I have round 2 of the East Coast Pirelli GT4 Americas Championship coming up this next week and I have 2 clear thoughts running through my head. One says, "Your good, last time was a fluke and you've got this- you're prepared, have a great car, a great teammate and you'll be fast right out of the box." The other version keeps working its way into my head. It says, "Last time you were here, you hit the wall going backwards at about 130mph and totaled a Porsche Cayman." It was at no fault of my own, but happened none-the-less. Maybe thats what makes it worse and won't let it escape my head. I didn't have control of the situation and it was just something that happened to me. I think I'll count this post as my medium to dispose of it and by the time I'm done sharing, it will officially be done and behind me!

What could have changed the situation and how can I move forward without it taking my attention from where it needs to be are the other thoughts running through my mind. And I wasn't even hurt- just the car. How do the guys that sustain a major injury bounce back the way they do? We just do I guess... There is so much passion behind our dreams to drive these cars in competition that we just create ways to have a short memory, have a stopping point from the "something bad" and move on.


Of course superstitions help right??? No, us racing drivers aren't superstitious... It's totally normal to avoid stepping on cracks, and you obviously would never walk under a ladder! Is there really another way to put on your shoes and socks other than left sock first (always and no matter what), and then onto the right sock, left shoe, right shoe? Call it whatever you want- either way its a habit and maybe even a set of beliefs that give some of us confidence and the ability not only to put things behind, but to race forward at 110%