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Why We Race

Season 1: Episode 1

Husband and wife team, Derek a race car driver, and Brooke a film maker invite you into their world of being a racing family. Derek takes you back 20 years ago to his start at going after his dream of being a pro race car driver. Brooke has been following his passion for years, filming it all while simultaneously raising their family on and off the track. They touch on the challenges of breaking into the world of the professional race car world and what it is to be a virtually unknown driver trying to break into this complicated world.


Season 1: Episode 2

Professional race car driver, Derek DeBoer takes you behind the scenes to his dream race, The Rolex Daytona 24. After signing for his first season of professional racing with TRG Aston Martin, Derek begins to get hints that his sponsor may not come through with the money to cover the season. Amidst the questions and worry he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime to drive in his dream race, The Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Derek teams up with F1 star Eliseo Salazar and two other top drivers to go racing and brings you along for the ride.

Bumps in the Road

Season 1: Episode 3

Derek DeBoer, an amateur, determined to turn pro in sports car racing, begins to encounter bumps in the road to his dreams. It becomes clear after the Daytona race that becoming a legitimate profession race car driver may be a little harder than originally expected. Family stresses, balancing his full time job, and questions about the sponsor relationship begin to pile up and Derek wonders if his push to be a professional racer is going to come to a screeching halt at any moment.

Will I Race Again?

Season 1: Episode 4

Brooke has hired a crew to film the first race weekend of Derek's debut as a professional race car driver racing in the Pirelli World Challenge sports car series 2015 season. Derek begins to feel pressure to show up and perform in his first pro racing season. His youngest daughter begins to have anxiety about his racing and picks up on the stress both he and his wife, Brooke are feeling trying to figure out if the sponsor is real. 

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