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What a Week!

They say that hard times can break you or strengthen you! I choose strength and grit for when I'm tempted to give up or give in, but I was also reminded this week to let God in. This week has been a doozie! It's the first time we've been away from our daughter Paige on her birthday and she just turned 20! It was more emotional than I thought it would be!

Paige, age 2.

Derek last minute decided that he should go to LeMans, France to support the team. He is attending some very important events with friends and partners of the team and meeting with Porsche.

Derek in LeMans visiting Aston Martin Racing

We decided together that it was a good time for him to go and work on his plans for next year. I had to really be unselfish on this one as I love to travel and love LeMans.

Hot Air Ballooning in France this year

Our LeMans trip in 2015 was life changing. Derek drove in the Aston Martin Festival Race and won!

Derek & I in LeMans with our Watch Sponsor Frederic Gasser with BRM Chronographes

I decided that I wouldn't ask too many questions about the itinerary. I figured not knowing how amazing it was going to be would help me stay home and work and not feel bad. I consider myself a pretty selfless person but this was one of the hardest for me! The kids need me here and I'm almost done with Season 2 and felt that I could get quite a bit done if I stayed. He planned a trip there for 5 days. One little strike against the cool factor for me (wink)!

Ryann has her big dance performance this weekend and he's in the Daddy Daughter dance. He would not miss that for the world! Fingers crossed his flights are all on time!

Ryann Preparing for her dance show!

It never fails that when Derek is traveling, something goes awry. I think I need to work on my thinking about this! I might be manifesting things I don't want to happen. I've had the most awful technical challenges this week. You name it, it happened! My phone stopped calling. I couldn't hear anyone when I called. You really realize how much you communicate with the phone when you suddenly can't! One of my audio programs stopped working so I couldn't offload the episodes to my sound engineer. Another one of my Final Cut Pro files has damaged interview files that I need to recover. I upgraded my computer which had different inputs for drives so I'm having to get everything reorganized. It was a frustrating week of missing chords, adaptors, incompatible drives, missing files, etc. I'm also just pushing to get Season 2 done so that I can work with Derek on promoting the Portland race. The team of 2 needs an army to get us where we want to go!

I keep hearing this "still, small voice" whispering, "Patience Brooke, this is patience training." I have had to push myself past the very strong desire to quit this week. I have been tempted to feel sorry for myself and give up too many times.

I decided yesterday enough was enough I humbled my strong self to ask for help and I heard a voice say, "Quit edging God out of the picture." I for some reason had forgotten that we can call upon God even when technical stuff is happening and everything seems like it's all messed up. So I asked God right there to take the wheel. I was then instructed to go home and get rest instead of pushing and thrashing to fix everything late last night. I awoke early this morning, even with less sleep than normal, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the issues but with a much better attitude! I had a new leader! It wasn't me alone trying to push to fix everything. It took the pressure off. I allowed God to guide me through the steps of correcting two of the issues this morning and I'm now on my way to being productive again! It really works to ask God for help! The key is just stopping to invite him in.

So, we are counting our blessings this week! Thank you God for helping to fix my productivity issues! I'm thankful that Derek is having a fun and safe trip! I'm thankful that my parents took care of our Paige last night by throwing her a BBQ when we could not be with her. I'm very thankful that I get to go to Ryann's big dance performance this weekend. She's worked so hard this year and it's so much fun to watch her! I'm thankful to be able to share with all of you our experiences and that you are giving us feedback as to what you want to see.

We were blessed to be invited to be on KOBI's 5 on 5. Check out the segment here. It was my first news appearance in the studio, Derek has done many. We really enjoyed it! And the Fastlife speeds on! If you haven't watched our show, you can catch Season 1 here. If you have please share us with your friends and write us a review by clicking on the stars at the top of the page on Amazon Prime. We appreciate you and encourage you to keep going after your dreams!

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