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Spraying Champagne at Laguna Seca Raceway | Derek's In Charge of the Blog

Laguna Seca Podium | P3

This is a year of new experiences- First, I've taken on a different role... Driver and coach, and second, I'm now in charge of the Fastlife Blog :) So watch out! Regarding the blog, I'll be giving you an update every week. Depending on travel with races, I'll try and get it out on Monday, but it could be Tuesday or Wednesday due to our crazy schedule and juggling act. So please tune in and be patient! After race weekends I know myself, so expect it to be pretty "race summary" focused, where off race weeks I'll dig into other parts of our experience to share. Please comment or message me if there is anything particular you'd like to hear about. And of course it'll sound like me- I'm not quite the writer that Brooke is so please hang in there...

Now to the new role- Driver and Coach! I'm loving it and we've already fetched 2 podiums together. In my previous sporting life as a professional wakeboarder for LiquidForce Wakeboards, I always use to urge riders to improve their game by instructing others. I think that holds true with almost anything and is really forcing me to dig back into some of the discipline and basics that I focused on in my early days in the sport. It also forces you to put into words, theories and ideas that sometimes we end up hustling through and forgetting to smell the roses. I'm privileged and honored that Dr. Jim Rappaport has trusted me with this job and believes that not only are we going to have an amazing time together, but that I'll be able to bring his level of driving to the next step and beyond.

Our season together started at Circuit of the Americas for rounds 1 and 2 of the Pirelli GT4 America Sprint X West Series and we recently concluded rounds 3 and 4 at what I consider my home track- Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca. We managed a 4th place and 3rd place finish in Texas and reversed that order in Monterey with a P3 in the first race of the weekend, and a P4 in the following race. The 2 outings have us sitting 3rd in points overall, but we certainly have our work cut out for us. Even though P3 gets you in the show to spray some Champagne and receive a trophy, its that top step that we all want to achieve and I'm going to see as the measurement of not only my performance in the race car, but my ability to get Dr. Jim the tools that he needs to get us there as well. We'll make it- Dr. Jim is as dedicated to his race craft as he is his role in the surgery room. He's making a very precise and calculated approach to all of this. Very smart!

Pole Position

Oh.... I nearly forgot another huge moment from the weekend! I did achieve my first World Challenge Pole Position and had the pleasure of leading the field to the start of the race. We were ultimately outpaced and finished 3rd in that one, but it was extremely rewarding to know at that moment we got 100%+ out of the car and were the fastest on track. Next step- capitalize on it and turn it into a win! The Porsche is a great car and in the beginning of my second season with the brand and 6th season with The Racers Group I am already starting to feel very at home in the new Cayman and can't wait to attack the rest of the season.

We head to Virginia next and am also hoping to get some testing in for our other upcoming West Coast rounds. So stay tuned and I'll let you know whats coming next... So much to talk about! And don't forget to subscribe at FastLife.TV so you don't miss anything. We'll also be making some updates so that everything you need will all be in one spot. Take care and have a great week!


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