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It's Race Day in Texas | Derek DeBoer Races the #17 Porsche Cayman in Pirelli GT4 America


It's race day in Texas for Derek! We've chosen split our family team and I am home with the kids this time. Boo! I don't like missing out on the races. Since the kids were little this has been a family affair for us to be at the track together. I'm not going to lie that it wasn't always fun for the kids. Sometimes the days were long and the stress level was high, but it's what we do! Being away from Derek on race weekends is not fun for me. Although he did say that it's really cold in Austin this week and that he's been colder there than at the ski mountain. That's pretty cold and he never really complains of being cold!

The last several months we have taken a break from sharing a lot about our family. We've had some health challenges to overcome. I've been blogging about my experience on my new blog as I have been home more working on healing and feeling better. Our daughter Haylee got mono mid ski season her senior year. We have been praying a lot for God's direction with everything. I think sometimes he wants us to slow down and dig in with him. At least that's been our approach with these challenges.

Derek had a tough time leaving for this race, leaving us all behind. He questioned if this was right for him to be doing. We encouraged him and told him that God would close the door if it wasn't a right thing. Living a faith filled life, requires a lot of trust and humility. Sometimes we are good at it and sometimes it's tough! Haylee is on the mend and had an amazing comeback race this past week to qualify her for the state ski championships at Mt. Hood. We will be supporting her at her races next week. We are so grateful for all of the opportunities to grow, improve, and do the things we love to do.

If we were to move on to Season 3 and beyond, your support is vital for this endeavor. Our show is on Amazon Prime Video, most of you have already found it I'm sure. The pay rate by Amazon for viewing hours was not enough to sustain the production so Season 2 is available for purchase. We have improved the production quality on Season 2 quite a bit. If you loved Season 1, please consider purchasing and watching Season 2 and sharing it with your friends. It also helps us if you write a review by clicking on the gold stars at the top of each season and giving us a positive review. All of this helps with the SEO and for new people to find our show. We greatly appreciate your support!

And now to the fun stuff! Derek is racing today at 11 PDT and at 1pm CST in Austin, Texas at Circuit of the Americas. This is his first race in the #17 Porsche Cayman GT4. It's a brand new car straight from the factory. They hadn't even had a chance to put graphics on it or test it and in practice yesterday Derek was running P1 in class in two out of the three sessions. Derek is coaching Dr. Jim Rappaport for his first full season racing. They are racing in the Pirelli World Challenge west coast GT4 series.

This year Pirelli World Challenge has changed the way their classes are set up. There is an overall category, a GT4 west coast class, an East Coast class, a Sprint category, and Sprint X. Derek will also be racing in the East Coast series with Sean Gibbons, his teammate from last year. The tracks and further information can be found here on the Pirelli World Challenge website!

We will be sharing information across our social media platforms so be sure to like and follow those and we are considering a new 2019 You Tube series to follow the current season and behind the scenes. The amazon prime show will potentially continue if it seems like the right thing moving forward but we are praying about that.

As always thank you for your support. We have created Fastlife to encourage you to follow your dreams and live the lives your heart is calling you to live. We also hope to bring more new fans into the sport of racing by sharing our personal story, connecting you on a different level to the hearts under the helmets! Racing is so much more than just driving the car around the track and looking cool in photo shoots!

Have a blessed weekend!

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