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Lookout Indy, Here Comes Fastlife!

This week has been busier than most. I am fast and furiously working to get caught up, get events planned for Portland, and get the word out about our show. At the same time I'm pushing to finish Season 2 and I can't forget to keep filming otherwise the story will not go on! We took a huge step over the last few weeks and asked for help! We now have help with our press releases and building our sponsor program. Our daughter Paige is home from college so I've hired her to boost and learn more about how we can engage on social media. With all of this work to do, we decided that we needed something fun to do in place of the Canada race that we were sadly knocked out of after the crash in Virginia. So we couldn't think of a better thing to do than go to the Indy 500 to get reenergized!

I have to say that I normally am not excited about races Derek isn't driving. This Indy 500 is an exception. Not only do we a driver, we are supporting and sponsoring him! If you look really close at the red, Jonathan Byrd, #33 Chevrolet with James Davison driving it, you just might see FASTLIFE somewhere on his helmet! In season 2 of our show FASTLIFE, driver James Davison co-drives with Derek. Derek has always loved driving with James and they've competed successfully together in both endurance and sprint races. He's super fast!

For this Indy 500 James shares something in common with Derek. He's an underdog. He's not one of the regular season drivers. He has a lot of work to do to be ready and as fast as he's capable of going. I don't think this week will disappoint you if you follow along. He qualified 33rd today on "Bump Day" narrowly missing the bump after he also had to recover from hitting the wall in practice the day before. We are moving forward. He's in and we're going to cheer him on! We'll be updating our social media this week with what we are doing to promote FASTLIFE and how James is doing. Please say a prayer for our friend to be fast and safe and for us to have a successful week promoting FASTLIFE! We once heard a story from an Uber driver in Indianapolis that a man left he hospital where his baby was being born to go to the Indy 500. As I understand it, this is not an uncommon theme. There are some dedicated fans in Indianapolis and we want them to know about FASTLIFE! Wish us luck!

P.S. If you watch closely you might see Derek and I in the parade at Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

You can catch the broadcast of the Indy HERE to check the schedule!

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