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Overwhelmed and Grateful

This week everything piled up. I'm so overwhelmed! A glass can only fill up so full until it overflows and my glass is overflowing! I could probably fill a hundred glasses and still have them overflow at this point! Our show, Fastlife, is on Amazon Prime Video. We don't know where we stand with the success of the show based on numbers, but we do know that many of you have contacted us and let us know how much you're liking the show and that you're awaiting season two which is it's way! I'm halfway through creating season two, Derek is racing in Virginia this weekend (click here to watch Saturday at 12:40 PDT), and we want to take a moment to step back a little bit, and to thank you for supporting us. For those of you that have sent in encouraging thoughts, we are so grateful. This work is some of the hardest work that we've ever done, mostly because it has required us to stretch in many directions. We didn't set out to do it as a job- it was a passion project. Now we see that it is a full time job that we are trying to with a half time schedule.

An Encouraging Note from friend and fan Tom Stagg

This work is challenging because it requires vulnerability, it requires sharing your challenges, your ups and downs, and lots of time to create (time we don't always have). Telling our story on Fastlife has encouraged us to think about how we process situations, how we've worked through challenges, it pushes us to examine what we want to put out in the world, how we want to be in the world, and where we want to go with our goals and our dreams.

My "To Do" List on paper!

We are overwhelmed, but we are also taking action. Derek and I are working on growing our team, processing the overwhelm with our life coach, writing all of our ideas and tasks down and processing what our priorities are. We are clarifying how we want to engage with our fans and supporters and have some new ideas. We have signed up for this and we are not quitters! You are part of the Fastlife team, and without you, we wouldn't have a reason to do the show. Derek would probably still be racing, but without the