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Finding Balance

This week the blog is a little behind. The Fastlife sometimes doesn't allow for everything to be perfect! We are at our youngest daughter Ryann's dance competition this weekend.

Derek gave up testing in Virginia to be here for her. This was a challenging decision for him as he's never driven at Virginia International Raceway. We've had many conversations lately about balancing our lives so that we still have a family after the racing is all said and done (which hopefully won't be for a long time) but it's becoming increasingly more important for us to make sure we are conscious about how we are using our time!

Racing has been such a focus for Derek and I since 2014 that we began to lose ourselves a little bit in the excitement of opportunity and all the hustle to capitalize on it. We felt that it was important to put 100% into every opportunity that would push Derek forward and closer to his dream goal of driving for a professional racing team. We have now reached that goal and sustained it (not without many challenges) but we are sustaining and still racing! Our story, which can be seen on Amazon Prime and soon to be on cable pay per view, chronicles our lives and shares the bumps in the road that we encounter on this journey to follow our dreams-me being a filmmaker and Derek being a racer. Season 1 is streaming now and Season 2 is on its way! Now that we are in this different phase of the racing life, new and different opportunities are arising and we've had to take stalk of what opportunities are serving us the most and the dream. I think it's important to always audit your choices on a re