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Hacked by Paige

The production of FASTLIFE has definitely been a long road. For the most part I love the idea. I think it’s a fun way to share my Dad’s story, my Mom’s passion, and the weirdness of our family dynamic. However, when the show was first coming into fruition, I had a very hard time with the camera rolling constantly. I’m awkward as it is, add a camera into the mix and things just get weirder from there.

My sisters and I with Lucy at Universal Studios on our Daytona Race Trip

I learned to love it though, and to be okay with having my Mom’s iPhone perched on its tripod at the end of the dinner table.

The view from mom's camera in the kitchen at Thanksgiving

Watching how each family member’s demeanor changed when there was a camera on them has been a fun activity. For me, it was especially difficult to act nonchalant, it was really hard at first to ignore the fact that it was recording my every movement.

Coming home from College the first time :) (on camera of course)

Getting used to it was hard, but now I kind of like to be on camera, which is a change I definitely wasn’t expecting.

My first official Fastlife Interview

FASTLIFE grows on you, I swear. It has been a fun journey and I hope that it will gain more traction and become something big. I feel like it has loads of potential, but I may be biased just a little bit.

Check back soon
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