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Right now, we are in the trust phase of Derek’s racing career and for Fastlife, too.

Our lives is still fast without the racing, but not as much fun and thus not really the “Fastlife.” We are working diligently to earn the privilege of representing a brand or brands in the 2017 racing season. We’ve committed to paying debt and not infusing personal money or creating more debt to race. Racing is one expensive sport!

Next week, we will touch on that in our “The Business of Racing” episode, so stay tuned! This is about discipline and trust and believing that if Derek is supposed to be racing, the right deals will come together. This kind of surrender is not easy, but we are pairing it with doing everything that we can control to help make racing happen this season.

We have a great team. All the folks at The Racer’s Group have been super supportive and creative and Gail Benzler is working hard on the PR side. We look to Joel Osteen for inspiration and listen to Lewis Howes podcasts regularly for new ideas and uplift. Derek has started on Athletic Greens to boost his nutrition and performance and is training every day at Crossfit the Den to stay strong and fit.

We are hoping to bring you some new and exciting news, soon. This week's episode focuses on our St. Petersburg race from last season.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to be a general resource, only. Any recommendations are based on personal opinion.

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