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The Workout

Derek and I have been doing Crossfit for almost five years now. I started when my friend invited me to the gym. I’m not sure what Derek thought, but I am sure he wondered what else I had gotten into! Right from the start, I watched people’s lives transform in that gym, including mine. I learned that I had an inner strength I didn’t even realize was there. My friendships shifted, I became stronger mentally and physically and realized I that I could stop apologizing for who I am. I also deepened my faith while going there and found out later that Lu Crenshaw, the gym owner and my great friend, had written scripture under the mats in the gym.

Derek joined later (I think he picked up on my transformation). He was also surprised that you could be in a gym and be with such supportive and kind people who truly supported your personal growth. We began to look at the gym as our training ground for life and relationships without even realizing it at first.

This week’s episode is fun because it showcases Derek’s racing mentor, team owner and friend Kevin Buckler during a the New Year holiday at our house. Kevin, who is generally in the mentoring position, learned how to do a WOD, or in “Crossfit speak,” Workout of the Day from his student of racing.

Kevin did an impressive job with the workout, minus some little hiccups in form. We may have a new Crossfit friend! Derek thoroughly enjoyed sharing something that has been life transforming to him. Even more impressive, Kevin finished the workout doing all dead hang pull-ups.

Life is truly an adventure, especially here living the Fastlife. There is so much material just waiting to be shared! Catch up with us at You Tube...

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