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When the Going Gets Tough

This week has been really challenging for Derek and me. We’ve thrown a couple of pity parties (there may have been some wine involved), but we’re not sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves. This is a great time to get to work! To train, focus on partnerships and the opportunities we have to go racing this season.

I heard Jennifer Aniston speak once about how it’s ok to throw a pity party for a couple of days and after that… move on and be done! I am done — that’s not to say it’s been easy.

I’ve questioned everything: What am I doing this for? Why am I doing it, etc.? I keep coming back to the same answer. I love Derek and I love to tell inspirational stories. The only trick is, it’s a tad bit hard to tell an inspiring story when you are struggling to stay inspired yourself. That’s where trust comes in, right?

I do believe in God and I believe at the core that we were all designed for a purpose. We don’t always know exactly what that is or when we are to do something. That’s also where patience comes in. All of this? It’s patience training, I’m convinced.

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