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Going with the Flow

I am not 100% on board yet with the philosophy of “going with the flow,” but I have the best training ground for it.

When you are the wife of a race car driver and someone who loves action, you learn to go with it and like my aunt says, “Be like a leaf floating down the stream.” The good news about this philosophy is that you become very comfortable with who you are when you let go of trying to control the outcome and celebrate your spouse for who they are and learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

This has not always been easy for me. I’ve often feared getting left behind. I’ve also felt unnoticed at times because people are usually watching Derek (me, included — that’s why I married him), and sometimes I’m just plain tuckered out from all of the action. Some of us need quiet time to recharge our batteries.

There are some advantages. Derek has pushed me to grow, both physically and mentally in many areas. I tend to react more to things as a result of being hurt by some various bullying that has taken place in my life. I want to protect myself first.

Derek tends to think the best of people and trust them until there is truly a reason to address a situation. He has shown me that his way can work, too so I am reacting less and letting things play out a little. Physically, as you will see in this episode, much to my annoyance at times, he pushes me to go faster and work harder in my workouts. He is truly like an energizer bunny — he can go and go and go really fast (hence the name #fastlife!). I believe that this is because he is better at controlling his mind and not reacting to the thoughts that come when you are pushed or challenged. He is quite positive and I love him for that. This is what also makes him a great race car driver: he has a confidence and a calm that surpasses most.

I am grateful for the lessons I am blessed to learn as Derek’s teammate. We hope you enjoy this week’s episode simply entitled Saturday. It’s an entertaining Derek and Brooke's 'day in the life.” Team Fastlife is here, too (or part of the team, anyway) and Canyon, our faithful companion also takes a starring turn. Check it starting January 4 right here and please subscribe to our Fastlife YouTube channel and leave us some feedback.

What do you want to know about a race car driver’s life?

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