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Fastlife Favorites - What's in My Make-up Bag

Did watching this weeks’ episode make you curious about what is in my makeup bag and what I take to race weekends? I’ve had to find my faves and make sure they come with me because race weekends can be a little stressful! Much of that stress is more tolerable when I have my favorite things with me, organized and handy.

The #1 item that I love to bring is the DoTerra Clary Calm. This oil is specifically formulated for women and particularly good to handle any hormonal or cycle related irritability or moodiness. It is an essential oil blend and the main ingredient is lavender. I love the way lavender smells and also use it when I’m flying…I’ll dab a little under my nose for the natural resistance to spread of disease and the calming effect. It also helps if you are sensitive to smell, just little dab of this and everything smells great!

I am a wholesaler. If you are interested in ordering Doterra products, get in touch with me.

The #2 item that I carry is DoTerra Healing Hands Lotion with Bulgarian Rose and CPTG essential oil. Not only does this Do Terra hand cream smell beautiful, it softens my hands and reduces the dry, aged appearance that begins to happen when you hit your 40’s. Also, with all the air travel we do, the moisturizing effect is essential to healthy, soft hands. It really smells great and replenishes the moisture to my skin.

#3 and #4 go together. They are part of my daily skin regimen and essential to the protection of the skin on my neck and face. #3 is a daily moisturizer called Phyto 58 by Yonka. This cream is rich in phyto stimulating rosemary extracts and is 89% natural without paragons. I have combination skin that tends to be more dry than oily. Again, this cream smells amazing and feels very refreshing. I use it morning and night to moisturize and brighten my skin. After moisturizing I apply the Yonka sunscreen to protect my skin from damaging rays. I use this on my face, neck, ears, and hands…any exposed areas.

#5 This photo includes all of my favorite makeup items. I love the Jane Iredale products. They are mineral based and natural; they also work great and stay put. I barely have to reapply powder throughout the day. The powder works as an all over foundation, shine preventer, and cover up. The brushes by Jane Iredale are all hand tied goat hair and so soft. I apply powder with the brush pictured and have a shader brush for applying powder to areas in need of cover up.

I am also loving Bare Minerals products, particularly the lip glosses. One gloss is has an iridescent shine and the other is a matte color that is so natural and nice. I lay the foundation with for either of these lip colors with the Urban Decay lip liner and sometimes I layer all three together. Love!

I use a combination of brands for eye liner…Tarte Close Up Lash Liner for my black and Stila Stay all Day Waterproof Liquid Liner for my brown. Both are a liquid and have nice pointy but soft brushes for easy clean line application. Lastly, I’ve always been a fan of Benefit products. I love their fun and quirky packaging with a a retro feel and their products are fantastic! I use the Rockateur for my blush, Ka-Brow cream-gel brow color, and Boi-ing for cover up. I also like their bronzing powder and pore filling products (not pictured). When I’m going out at night I will use my Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit. I love the variety of color options I have to create various looks and open and highlight the eyes. I finish my look with a Rroir Power Volume Mascara that works well with the lash extensions I get. It is water washable and doesn’t contain oils which helps to maintain the longevity of the lash extensions!

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