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I think if Lewis Howes asks me someday what my definition of greatness is, I’ll have it without hesitation. BE BOLD! Life is so short you must be bold and go for your dreams. There is not time to waste. Trust me, I’ve wasted a lot of time on a lot of people, not that they are bad people, just not what I should have been focusing on at the time. If your inner voice is calling to you, please listen, even if it is scary. The voice shows up differently for people and at different times.

Blessed: Derek and I out on our favorite run together. What a great way to celebrate 18 years together.

Derek’s voice came in the form of cyclical mini depressions. He would get irritable and seem distant about every three months. The more you keep it inside, the more it hurts you and those around you. But, in Derek’s case, he didn’t even know how to identify what it was. He just felt it. It’s my belief that anxiety, depression, irritation, anger and anything dark you feel can be an indicator that you’re a little off track. Sometimes we are a lot off track, but don’t worry, there is always a way back on. God owns the track with an already determined path. All we need to do is be bold enough to listen and work to get on it! And guess what, God’s plan is ALWAYS better and more fabulous than our own. I’ve seen it first hand.

True love wants others’ happiness even more than your own. I wanted to see my husband happy and full of life. We had a chat. I asked him, “If you could do anything you dreamed of, and there were no limits, what would you do?” To my surprise he answered without hesitation, “I’d be a race car driver.” Wow! I thought; this could get interesting.

I was aware his father and grandfather had dabbled in racing in their younger years but I didn’t really know that he had such a strong interest in racing. We quickly signed him up for a Skip Barber Racing course and the rest is history!

It has not been an easy road. There were several moments in our racing beginnings that required boldness. Even just asking the hard questions and looking at how you feel can require courage. It isn’t easy to work through feelings and fears, but I promise on the other side is so much light and love for you. When you do what you were destined to do with a motive to share with others and you do it with boldness, there is a huge reward. Be willing to get uncomfortable, be willing to put yourself out there, be vulnerable, humble and a learner. It requires humility to start at the beginning and risk failure. Character is built, edges are knocked off and hearts are filled by you living your dreams.

I believe God puts dreams in your heart. It’s not selfish to do what God called you to do. Those who choose to support you will be blessed immeasurably. Your wins will be theirs. That’s how God works.

Follow along with us at and we’ll show you how this journey is blessing so many.

And…if you haven’t checked out Lewis Howes yet you can find his podcasts and School of Greatness. Derek and I both listen to him and find tremendous inspiration and valuable ideas in his work.

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