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Ugly Christmas Sweater Office Party

We are fully in the spirit of Christmas around here. This time of year is always nutty. The race seasons’ hardest work is happening behind the scenes with Derek’s racing sponsor development <link> and trying to put his ride together for the 2016-17 season. Derek has another full-time job to do as general manager at his family car dealership in Ashland, Oregon. He has developed a fabulous team of spirited employees at TC Chevy and we are so thankful for their support and enthusiasm for the Fastlife and for the racing.

What else could we do to thank them but to throw a party! It was an amazing surprise to show up at the party and find the most creative and unique sweater combinations from an upside-down snowman (which might change our rating from PG!), to a vibrating reindeer with giant teeth (surprisingly, this would not change our rating)! It was a night of fun and laughter, music and celebrating the most successful year TC Chevy has ever had, despite Derek sneaking off to the race track.

No other title would do for this extravaganza! Get into the Christmas cheer and watch as the TC Chevy employees and team Fastlife get in the spirit of Christmas at their first annual Merry Ugly Sweater party. The party wouldn’t have been complete without a competition to see which employee and guest came up with the best Ugly Sweater, judged by Derek’s daughters and niece and nephews.

Meet Derek’s team at work — they’re the ones who make the racing possible by holding down the fort. And the best part is, some of them say they are inspired just by seeing Derek go after his dreams. That makes it all worthwhile!

Tweetable “Living your dreams, inspires others to know they can too.” Brooke DeBoer

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