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Thanksgiving, Fastlife Style Parts 1 & 2

We were at the gym last night and I overheard one of trainers say to Derek, “You’re really going fast.” Derek didn’t hesitate and replied, “That’s how I do everything.”

It’s funny, when we chose the name Fastlife for our series, I didn’t know that the meaning truly permeated every aspect of our existence, from working out to preparing the Thanksgiving turkey. It’s like deciding to make this show put an exclamation point on our life. I’ve realized I might even have some anxiety about keeping up with it all now that I am viewing it from the outside in, which is a strange place to be when I am living it, too!

Needless to say our Thanksgiving was amazing. It was so relaxed and full of love and lots and lots of food. I actually felt kind of guilty for how good it was. I wish I could have shared it with more people in need. As last weeks’ episode highlighted, we have a ton to be grateful for.

As we move toward the 2017 racing season, this will be on the top of our minds. Derek and I plan to continue to give back to the fight for a cure and prevention of cancer (watch Derek read a letter from Mason, a brave 11-year old with an inoperable brain tumor we've been supporting this year). We have a teammate struggling, and on the verge of losing their sense of home, we’d like to encourage you to help her by donating to her GoFundMe campaign. We can never move too fast to stop and take a look around at someone who might need a little support. At one time I had people do that for me and now Derek has a team rallying around him providing the same to support his dreams. We are a community, brothers and sisters, and loving each other and supporting each other is the way to peace.

This week, we invite you to see a glimpse of how we spent the holidays, “Fastlife Style.” Our daughter, Paige, came home for a break from her first term at college. What an emotional roller coaster and adventure this has been! We sure did miss her and loved having her home. Derek spent a little time with her in the Corvette teaching her to drive a stick. Who does that? The same breed that lets you borrow their McLaren for a little lunch date! We’ll give you an inside look at this fun and show you how Paige handled it!

Another insider tidbit…Derek likes to cook! I wouldn’t say he does this particularly fast, but he definitely gets creative with it and has a very specific method and style. Each year, he comes up with new ideas for the turkey. This year, prior to our cleanse, he chose butter and bacon. His turkey is always served alongside his grandfather’s cornbread stuffing and some of my family recipes including my grandmother’s Sweet Onion Bake. I am sure you can relate, it was days of preparation for an hour long meal. This I know is not limited to the Fastlife.

You will find many other surprises and fun in this week’s Fastlife episode. Please tune in on Wednesday! God bless.


Catch up with both episodes!

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