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Being a team player can have its challenges, especially if you are the type that cares so deeply about your teammate that when they feel down you can’t help but feel it too. It is almost imperative that teammates both don’t go down at once! Fortunately, strength is developed and becomes more natural to draw upon as you train. Living the fastlife has been the perfect training ground for both mental toughness and being a prayer warrior. I consider myself Derek’s first teammate, biggest cheerleader, and mirror. I consider it my job to help him and support him and keep him going in a positive direction. We each do this for each other in different ways.

When things got challenging this week, we discussed the importance of gratitude and time for reflection. Derek is working to develop his racing program for next season. Beyond the glamour of race cars and adventurous travel is a really tough business. I have watched Derek’s dreams come alive and also witnessed his struggle to always believe they will keep coming true. So many things need to line up and come together for this to happen. I’ve learned that out of challenges come the biggest blessings. When we are humbled by what seems to be insurmountable problems we learn that we can’t do it alone. I’m thankful that we have learned to stop and look up at these times and ask God for direction.

Just as we have asked for specific teammates and shared our dreams, we have also learned to trust trust that if something is right it will happen, and we have met some of the most amazing people who have supported us along the way. In this weeks’ episode Derek shares his gratitude for those who have supported him and provided guidance along the way. Most importantly he shares that one of the most key ingredients to dreams becoming a reality is the willingness to have them and courageously take steps towards them.

Creating this episode of was the single most rewarding job I have done. It filled me up and helped me see how far we have come and I know Derek was moved watching it for the first time. I am reminded this week that taking the time to reflect and talk about what you are grateful for and give thanks to others is certainly powerful. Have a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving!

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