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FASTLIFE Children's Book

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A children’s book about a boy and his dream of racing. In this heartwarming story of friendship, Derek and his classmate Brooke discover their power to chase their dreams together, uncovering a circuitous but crafty way to start their journey. After Derek’s dad had hung up his fast-paced dreams, Derek helps him reignite his passion for racing, and they build their first go cart together. With the unwavering support from Brooke, they assemble their team and enter their first race. Met with an unexpected rival, Spencer, a neighbor and seasoned go-cart driver, Derek’s sense of competition surges as he rounds every turn. Join us as we learn more about Derek and how he and his friends believe in themselves and how that knowledge drives their dreams.

Based on the real-life love story between Derek DeBoer and his wife Brooke, and featuring the one and only Spencer Pumpelly, the story has just begun.

Ready, Set, Let’s Go Racing.

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