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Where does time go?

Ugh...I'm behind! We just returned from Texas and visiting friends in San Diego and I am way behind! It's better today (Wednesday) because I had Sunday to stress about it (unfortunately that was Easter), Monday to shift back into work mode, and yesterday to really dig into the work that needs to be done. I will say that I was able to hold on and not totally freak out (Derek might tell you something different) because we did go to church in the morning. I will say that every time I do, I wonder why I waited to go back. The sermon at Applegate Christian Fellowship was exactly what we all needed. I am grateful.

Ry and I arriving in Texas

The list...where to begin? We have received distribution for Season 2. I have a schedule mapped out to keep me on track, because it's just me, editing, gathering footage, putting together our story. At the same time I have to keep filming what is currently happening, manage my gear, film, and offload, archive, etc. Then there is just real life. I know we all have challenges but for some reason we've been dealt some intense ones lately. Haylee has been struggling with anxiety, I think we are on top of it now. Some shifts in friendships and standing up for what she believed in really helped. This is a story I'd love for her to tell you when she's ready. There are so many more pressures on kids these days. They might be similar to what we encountered but way more intense with social media and our society of selfishness that seems at times to be moving in a Godless direction. Let me just say how thankful I am for God. I have been praying like crazy for my girls to be in the world and not of it. I remind them daily that God loves them and that taking the high road and not giving in to all the temptation will lead them on a far better path than I took. I did learn from my mistakes and I am grateful for the lessons. I know they will make some too. I'm just hoping for less and less dramatic than some of mine!

Derek in his new FASTLIFE race suit at COTA